About Us

We are a progressive RPG company that helps you
live a better D&D life and have more fun gaming.

We hope our tools will save you a ton of time so you can concentrate on running an awesome game. They've been working great for our own D&D session and if you'd like to ask questions or suggest new features, please email us: support@dungeonmastering.com

The DM Tools Crew


Expy - Young Adult Red Dragon

Expy might be in the young adult age bracket as far as his dragon breath and spell casting abilities, but he sure acts juvenile. He likes to hoard stuff and burn things.

Eric Martindale

Eric Martindale - Level 26 Human Programmer

Eric is our quiz writer and coder. He also runs the RPG forums Roleplay Gateway and is the mastermind behind the coolest features of our DM Tools website.


Yax - Level 17 Human Entrepreneur

Yax is the founder of Dungeon Mastering and the rumors that he is only a human puppet so Expy could launch a website are false. You can also find him on FriendFeed, Twitter, and Wizbook